A little about me


 I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When I was about 17 my whole family moved to Florida in the United States where I lived for 10 years, and now I’m blessed to say that currently I live and train out of beautiful San Diego, California.  My intention is to show people  that  there is more than aesthetics to fitness and theres much more than abs made in the kitchen 😉

My journey started with a deep and strong desire to connect with myself again,  and throughout those years I tried and failed many times, but never did I think of giving up. Going back in time, I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly when it all just clicked, but I can tell you that once it did I finally understood BODY/MIND CONNECTION. I was stronger both physically and mentally, my willpower was finally put to the test and I was IN!

Along with my newfound love for fitness came nutrition… and what a magnificent and intriguing world that was, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, food synergies and effects on the body  –  Wow!  So much to learn.  It was then that I became extremely curious about anything food related,  with hours and hours of research and learning about a whole fantastic world that I was never mindful of: THE WORLD OF WHOLE FOODS!

Unconventional in my approach, opposed to commercialized Western “diet” principles and the industry-driven food pyramid, I am always digging deeper to uncover the truths and debunk common myths about human nutrition. My nutritional philosophy is evidence-based, backed by unbiased, independent scientific research, and is always person-specific. My goal is move you away from degenerative, inflammatory and inefficient foods, towards nutrient-dense, functional, supremely digestible, pro-metabolic foods suited to your physiology. I believe that we should not underestimate the consequences of our food choices and that we need to be more thoughtful in our purchasing and eating habits, better informed about our bodies, and armed with skills to make it all taste good.

Today I am a HUGE believer and advocate of holistic and naturopathic practices, As a Certified Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach, I continue to further my knowledge with researches and am always eager to share everything I believe in. Hopefully in this space I’ll be able to connect, share experiences and exchange information with many of you out there.

“Through fitness I connected with mind and through nutrition with my body”                                              –   Ana Miranda

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